Save money on wholesale surplus goods!

Offer Valid: 09/14/2020 - 12/31/2021
Save 10% on surplus goods in Terre Haute!
What We Offer: Wholesale liquidation of goods.  (Returned merchandise, overstock, shelf pulls, seasonal, and discontinued.

How We Do It: We buy semi truckloads of merchandise at substantial discounts and pass all the savings directly to you. 
What makes us excited about this business: The Online e-commerce marketplace is fascinating for the competition it sparks. For someone who has always been highly competitive in looking for the best discount and savings online. We have found something that could help the Terre Haute community save on items they would typically spend double the price. Additionally, save on the cost of shipping. We have closely followed the sales tactics on many online wholesale companies, and I've learned a lot about the methods that work in this industry.  We love being part of an initiative where I can develop this knowledge in a hands-on way and hope to use this knowledge to eventually lead many other companies like me who want to help the community save money and small business to make money.
If people are interested in more information, how do they get in touch with you, or what's the next step?
To learn more about our business. Please visit our new website, call or email us.

Prime Pallets @
1430 East Springhill Drive, Suite 1
Terre Haute, IN 47802
317-645-0000 or
You can find constant updates on for Facebook page on new inventory. Also, stay tuned. We have our new online store coming soon.

Any events or promotions you have coming up in the coming months?
We are excited to offer all Terre Haute Chamber Members an ongoing 10% discount on their purchases with us at our Terre Haute Store.

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